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After 22 years of home cooking in Singapore, this chef has many recipes that will spice up your kitchen. Cooking has never been so fun.

Wonderful, exquisite delicacies of Singaporean, Indonesian, and Peranakan culture. You will love home cooking! Painstakingly documented to be shared with food lovers and those who love home cooking.


In “Home Cooking At Its Best”, you can tell a promising cook when you see her prepare her ingredients painstakingly before transforming them into a delectable dish. She has honed her skills over the years. Sometimes, as much as three hours are spent in the kitchen.

She combines her innate culinary skill with the Singaporean culture to deliver meals that makes guests swoon and rave. Everyone wants to be invited to a meal at our house. Children who stayed on their own are drawn back by the prospect of her home cooking.

We tend to benchmark outside food to her cooking so much so that we often felt disappointed eating out.
Hence, we would decide to come home to savor her delicious meals which she easily cooks with verve. “Home Cooking At Its Best” will make your meals memorable!






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